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Just the facts about steelmaking coal in Canada

Sep 28, 2022

Steelmaking coal is a key ingredient in the production of steel, which is critical to many of the things we rely on each day – our buildings, vehicles, rapid transit and many everyday household items.

Steel also plays a critical role in green energy production. Whether it is a wind turbine, solar panel, tidal power system or bio-energy infrastructure – it all requires steel. For example, 100 tonnes of steelmaking coal is required to produce the 185 tonnes of steel used in a typical wind turbine.

Why is Canadian coal in demand?

Canada’s steelmaking coal is in extremely high demand because it is high-grade bituminous hard coking coal – some of the highest quality of coal available. In fact, Canada is the world’s third largest exporter of metallurgical coal, after Australia and the United States.

Coal is the largest export through Port Metro Vancouver and generates 26,000 jobs across BC each year. The coal exported from BC is a combination of steelmaking and thermal coal from mines in Canada and the United States.

Here in British Columbia, coal has been safely mined and transported for more than 100 years. The coal supply chain – from mine to railway to export terminal – operates under environmental and safety regulations that are among the most stringent in the world.

We are proud be an important economic driver in our province.

Want to learn more? Download the Steelmaking Coal Fact Sheet.



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