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Metro Vancouver Municipalities Among the Biggest Beneficiaries of Spending by Coal Alliance Mines and Terminals

Jun 8, 2015

Vancouver, British Columbia – The Metro Vancouver municipalities of Delta, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby continue to be among the prime beneficiaries of the billions of dollars that Coal Alliance terminals and B.C. steelmaking coal mines spend on goods and services across British Columbia.

Latest figures from Coal Alliance mines and terminals show $5.16 billion were spent on local products and services across the province from 2010 to 2014, creating well-paying jobs and supporting local businesses. This includes approximately $973.4 million in Delta, $461.2 million in Vancouver, $191.9 million in Surrey, $141.3 million in North Vancouver and $130.4 million in Burnaby. These figures represent spending by Coal Alliance member terminals and mines only, and not the entire B.C. coal industry.

“The coal industry contributes billions of dollars in spending and creates tens of thousands of jobs. However many municipalities and their residents might be surprised by the scale of spending in Metro Vancouver, far from the mines themselves,” said Alan Fryer, spokesperson for the Coal Alliance.

The coal industry as a whole is recognized as a major driver of the provincial economy, contributing $3.2 billion annually.

“Although many residents may not realize it, these figures show that Vancouver itself is among the biggest beneficiaries of BC’s coal export industry – even though it is not home to a coal terminal – and the revenue that it generates helps pay for many of the services we all rely on.”

Much of the spending that’s done is with small and medium-sized businesses on various equipment, materials and services for daily operations – everything from environmental consultants to catering from the local coffee shop.

The top 10 Metro Vancouver communities benefiting from Coal Alliance spending are:


City Millions
1.       Delta $973.4
2.       Vancouver $461.2
3.       Surrey $191.9
4.       North Vancouver $141.3
5.       Burnaby $130.4
6.       Langley $65.8
7.       Richmond $61.8
8.       Port Coquitlam $31.0
9.       Coquitlam $23.8
10.   Port Moody $21.4



Coal Alliance Spending Map 2010-14

About the Coal Alliance –

The Coal Alliance brings together representatives from the coal industry, including mines, marine terminals, railways, industry associations, organized labour and others who support the mining and shipping of coal in British Columbia. Our objective is to ensure British Columbians have the facts about the coal industry – how coal is safely moved and the benefits coal provides to the world around us. We believe BC’s coal industry is an important part of our province and something all British Columbians should be proud of.



Alan Fryer

Tel: 778-987-5523




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